PotatoRoom productions

created by Gavin Glover formerly from FaultyOptic Theatre of Animation


The Company




Gavin Glover - puppeteer.. actor.. director.. maker.. artist..

In 2011 Gavin Glover formed a new theatre company... PotatoRoom productions.

PotatoRoom productions is a company that creates challenging theatrical works that explores the mixture of puppets, acting, clowning, video, movement and dance - in fact whatever is necessary to create a highly intricate and intriguing theatre.
The results of these experiments could be collaborative with other artists from any field or in house performances made by Gavin Glover with a supporting creative team. The work is likely to be seen in theatres, site specific performance spaces or on video. The shows are generally more adult orientated although older kids would probably enjoy them.

His work is often in collaboration with other artists, as a performer, designer, maker, teacher or an actor coach.
Most recently he was invited to coach the cast of ‘the Christmas Carol
by the National Theatre of Scotland in puppet manipulation techniques and he made all the performance puppets for the show.
2011 saw PotatoRoom productions making and performing puppets for a BBC series about the life of Charles Dickens to be broadcast in 2012.

Gavin has developed a style of teaching workshop which allows other theatre professionals a window into his specific world of puppetry and has taught at many different theatre schools in Europe and Canada. He is happy to coach actors and give advice on particular puppetry techniques.

Gavin Glover is also well known for his work as one of the founder members of FaultyOptic Theatre of Animation who toured their surreal and unique puppet shows around the world since 1988 until their demise in 2011. He was one of the principle actor-puppeteers and co-directors of the company. He was the designer and principle maker for their productions which were invited to many international theatres and festivals.
FaultyOptic was an Arts Council England ‘Regularly Funded Organisation’ since 2001 until the ACE/government cuts in 2011.
The company was well renowned for their haunting tales, visual theatre, strange animated figures and dark, dark humour. They were also known for creating non text-based puppet theatre for an adult audience with the puppeteers dressed in black almost lost in the darkness behind the figures, allowing the puppets to be the apparent sole acting bodies on stage.

PotatoRoom productions has slightly different objectives to FaultyOptic. Although similar in feel, the decision has been made that the actors reclaim the stage or at least share it with the puppets and at times perform without them altogether!