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created by Gavin Glover formerly from FaultyOptic Theatre of Animation

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Live micro cinema
Gavin Glover

UK Glasgow

Celtic Connections

3rd Feb 2018
from 9pm



Lau-Land: Lau’s 10th Birthday Party with special guest Sam Amidon 9pm (Until 3am)
To conclude their 10th anniversary celebrations Lau will host a late night party where Aidan, Kris and Martin will perform special solo and collaborative sets and invite guests:
Sam Amidon – performing tracks from his new album ‘The Following Mountain’ with drummer Chris Vatalaro.
BBC Young Folk award Winner Brighde Chaimeul - Scottish Small Pipes
Jaimini Jethwa – performing an excerpt from her play ‘The Last Queen of Scotland’
Pictish Trail – DJ set

Tickets for this will allow you access to Lau-Lab in CCA Cinema which will feature a live sound/video installation with:
Brian Irvine – musical mischief maker
Angharad Davies – violin
Laura Wilkie – fiddle
Kate Young - fiddle
Bashir Saade - ney, kawala, turkish clarinet
Gavin Glover - Live micro cinema
Adam Campbell - Electronics

The Reason I Jump
Written by Naoki Higoshida

Adaptation by The National Theatre of Scotland

Scotland GLASGOW

June 2018

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How does it feel when you see the world entirely differently to the people around you?
Naoki is a non-verbal, autistic, Japanese boy, who was just 13 years old when he wrote the book The Reason I Jump, a one-of-a-kind memoir that demonstrates how an autistic mind thinks, feels, perceives, and responds. He is now a 25 year old man.

In this innovative adaptation, the book becomes an experience: a mysterious and beautiful series of outdoor mazes designed by renowned Dutch collective Observatorium, where you can encounter the sometimes enigmatic, often surprisingly wise and always playful Naoki. The audience is taken on an exciting and mysterious journey of discovery into Naoki’s world, encountering his band of spirited players and the stories that they tell along the way.

This pioneering National Theatre of Scotland work was conceived by renowned Scottish artist Graham Eatough and created with, and performed by, a group of artists with autism ranging from 16 to 60 years old. Ultimately it offers all of us the opportunity to think about the many different ways that human beings experience life.

Presented by National Theatre of Scotland.
Supported by The R S Macdonald Charitable Trust
Based on the book by Naoki Higoshida,
Translated by David Mitchell and Keiko Yoshida
Conceived and directed by Graham Eatough
Designed by Observatorium
Dramaturgy by Clare Duffy
Choreography by Zoe Halliday
Company includes Michael Dawson, Calum MacRitchie, Emma McCaffrey and Nicola Tuxworth
Masks designed and made by Gavin Glover



Ireland DUBLIN

The Complex

14th - 16th June 2018

21 hours

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an Abbey Theatre production


11th June - 22nd July 2018

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After a sell-out run in 2017, the bawdy, vibrant and tumultuous production of James Joyce's classic is back by popular demand at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin

Bloom’s odyssey is a pandemonium of live music, clowning, puppets, dancing, and bowler hats! It’s Ulysses as you’ve never imagined it before, a superb theatrical homage to Joyce’s chronicle of Dublin life.
Created by Abbey Theatre Director Graham McLaren
Puppets designed and made and coached by Gavin Glover






Scotland UK

Traverse Theatre Edinburgh
Tron Theatre Glasgow

February 2019

To be confirmed



Facilitated by puppeteer Gavin Glover and Puppet Animation Scotland four groups of Scottish-based theatre artists have been meeting regularly in the months leading up to Edinburgh's Manipulate Festival. 
Using the knowledge and insights of the others in the room, they have been able to nurture and develop their own ideas culminating in a presentation of short extracts of work which you can see here. Each group’s aim has been to develop those puppetry skills and expertise most appropriate for their project. Following Testroom the aspiration is that they will soon bring their ideas to full production.



Germany BOCHUM


4th - 8th May 2019

35 hours

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5 day dance and puppetry workshop

Germany BOCHUM


11th - 15th May 2019

30 hours

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puppetry without puppeteering..
An exploration of puppetry, dance and performance
with Gavin Glover and Anne-Kathrin Klatt

Does a puppet always have to be animated to be alive? 
Does it die when it leaves the puppeteer's hand?
Are there moments when the puppet is stronger when it is left alone on stage? Moments when the audience have to decide if it is an object or if it is still a character as strong as the performer next to it.

In this workshop we will explore, through movement and improvisation, how a puppet and a performer shares the stage.
We will look at how the performer works around the puppet, sometimes giving it life, sometimes not. We will look at the moments when the puppet leaves the hand of the puppeteer, the moment between animation and anti-animation to discover that perhaps the puppet really can have a life of it's own.

We will work with dance improvisations according to the method of Anna Halprin to discover our own movement potential and find different ways of physical contact with the puppet. Choreographic techniques will be used to discover a creative structure of a 'scene'.
We will find images, dances and stories that will be created in the space that contain their own meaning based on the techniques that we have discovered over the 5 days.

Suitable for all performers, dancers and puppeteers who are confident in body movement and who have some skill in puppet animation. The workshop will be held in ENGLISH

Things to bring: comfortable clothing to move in, water, and writing utensils. If you have, bring a puppet you would like to work with


Every effort is made to make sure these details are correct but please check dates and times of shows with the relevant box office to avoid disappointment before booking.