PotatoRoom productions

created by Gavin Glover formerly from FaultyOptic Theatre of Animation

teaching/workshops and training offered



Video camera and performance workshop by Gavin Glover

By using video and cctv cameras, projectors and simple technology, we can explore objects, puppets and the human body to discover a new type of cinema. Combine these discoveries with the more traditional forms of performance and we can create 'Micro Cinema Theatre'.

During this practical workshop we will be using a multitude of objects and materials and constructing environments to film and improvising performance.
We will explore hidden movements and unlock tiny details that are normally lost in a theatre space and we will play with scale, focus, light, sound and music and explore 2 and 3 dimensional worlds. Some objects have more metaphor and meaning than others so we will try to discover which materials work best for the story we are trying to tell.

This course is normally for 20 hours and is suitable for puppeteers, actors, musicians, film makers, film animators, writers and directors

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Puppet manipulation workshop by
Gavin Glover

Looking at how we move our own bodies as the initial inspiration, this workshop will explore the ways in which a puppet can walk and run and fall over and how it can apparently have feelings, reactions and even a sense of humour!

We will improvise and play theatre games to examine the extent to which a puppet can perform theatrically without text and we will discover whether the puppet can be as expressive as any actor.

Suitable for all performers and theatre creatives

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Puppet manipulation techniques
Directing of actor and puppet
Body training for actor and puppeteer
Live video camera work and projections
Puppet making skills

Suitable for students and professionals


Techniques de manipulation de marionnettes
Metteur en scène d'acteurs et de marionnettes
Entraînement physique de l'acteur-marionnettiste
Vidéo: caméras en direct et projections
Fabrication de marionnettes

Accessible aux étudiants et aux professionnels




Student Tournai 2011 (translation)

This course was a great satisfaction for me, and a reconciliation between the training and learning. I wanted to give a lot of myself in this course and I was happy that I was a little lost but happy with everything I have learned.
I don’t just want to work with live video now because there are so many different things that I have discovered that has made me think and reflect. It has given me ideas, not only with this technique, but new things that have opened up other paths.

The manipulation exercises of the puppets were straightforward, but necessary and accurate. They made me think about my presence as a manipulator, and as an actor. All in good time, every action must wait for the next moment, the answer and the reaction.



Un étudiant Tournai 2011

Ce stage c’était pour moi une grande satisfaction, et une réconciliation avec les formations et les apprentissages. J’ai repris une confiance en moi que j’avais un peu perdue. Je voulais donner beaucoup de moi-même dans ce stage, et c’est ce qui s’est passé, je suis content de tout ce que j’ai appris. Et ce n’est pas que maintenant j’ai envie de travailler juste la caméra en direct et la vidéo, mais il y a tant de choses différentes que j’ai découvertes et qui me font penser et réfléchir, qui me donnent des idées, pas seulement avec cette technique, mais qui ouvrent d’autres chemins.

Les exercices, la manipulation des marionnettes étaient simples, mais nécessaires et précis. Ils m’ont fait penser à ma présence en tant que manipulateur, et comédien. Chaque chose en son temps, chaque action doit attendre pour le moment d’après, la réponse, la réaction.




Het Firmament, Mechelen, Belgium
ESNAM Charleville-Mézières. France
Central School of Speech and Drama. London
Royal Holloway, University of London
London Mime Festival. London
Vincent Dance Theatre, Sheffield. UK
Figuren Theater Kolleg, Bochum. Germany
AQM Montréal. Quebec
UQAM University of Quebec
Espace Catastrophe, Brussels, Belgium
Maison de la Marionnette, Tournai, Belgium
National Theatre of Scotland, Glasgow
Kulturinsel Halle Puppentheater, Germany
Solar Bear Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland
Figuren Theater Koleg, Bochum, Germany
Puppet Animation Scotland, Edinburgh
Royal Conservatoire Scotland, Glasgow
Tarumba. Lisbon. Portugal
Unima Spain, Segovia
Junta de Andalucia, Granada, Spain
Casteliers Festival, Montreal, Quebec