make a Mini ARTHOUSE Movie

Suitable for all video artists, filmmakers, animators, scenographers, puppeteers, Art Educationalists, Theatre and Creative Arts practitioners who want to learn, play or just refresh their creativity in this fun laboratory style workshop.

By pointing little cameras at tiny things we can create a fascinating and surprising Micro Cinema more akin to stop frame film animation without the need for expensive camera equipment. 

With a nod to acclaimed Arthouse Movie makers such as Jan Svankmejer, The Quay Brothers, Maya Deren and David Lynch we will create our own unique low tech Mini Arthouse Movie ready for the big screen, small screen or as a visual for any type of installation or performance.

The goal is for each group to develop, record and edit a Mini ARTHOUSE Movie filmed on a small table top film set which we can screen on the last day of the workshop.
On the way we will explore microcinema techniques including lighting, focus and composition, we will discover tiny details and hidden movements that are normally lost in the everyday world around us, we will look at the abstract, we will develop narrative, create some mini film sets and finally record and edit our masterpiece with some suitable home made foley sound. 

Participants will be asked to bring a selection objects and materials to film and a list will be provided a few weeks before the workshop.

Duration: 3 to 5 days (18 to 35 hours) 
Capacity: maximum 12 adults

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Make a mini ARTHOUSE Movie workshop
17-21 June 2024 with a film screening at the theatre on Saturday 22 June.
180€ for a full 5 days of workshop
There are 10 places available.
 Please apply early to secure your place. Write a short motivational letter and expression of interest and email to
Some on-site accomodation available at 20€ per night.

Press reviews for recent short movies online

Bleak House
commissioned by the London Mime Festival
'For something more peculiar, and far darker, head for Gavin Glover’s Bleak House, which snoops inside a very grotty miniaturised house, through which a cot bed hurtles on a pulley, baby gurgles offset against recriminatory adult voices. A jostling congregation of armchairs round the cot and telling dribble under it provides a sinister evocation of unspeakable abuse. What starts by being quaintly charming becomes truly disturbing'
Dominic Cavendish - The Telegraph

'Bleak House, by puppeteer and theatre maker Gavin Glover, has a darker, more austere humour.
His camera, travelling through the rooms and corridors of a miniature derelict house, dislocate spatial scales and unsettles our perceptions – intriguing, disquieting and witty'

The Observer

The Shark was aware of Me
by Alan Bissett, commissioned by Mull Theatre, Scotland
'The miniaturised city streets, with their tiny people and cardboard buildings, have a paradoxically strange familiarity… visualised and animated with the distinctive brilliance of master puppet-maker Gavin Glover'
Mark Brown - The National

Press reviews for movies in the shows by Faulty Optic Theatre of Animation

Bubbly Beds
' like a palm-sized Monty Python skit'
Peter Marks -  Henson’s Puppet Festival - The New York Times

'The satanic figures and trapped souls are projected onto a screen, creating a creepy but vividly compelling evocation of a bad dream' 
Finton O’Toole - The Irish Times

'In this merging of live puppetry and film animation, Faulty Optic have discovered a genre they have made their own: they are indeed masters of their universe'
Dorothy Max Prior - Total Theatre Magazine

'We meet Horsehead on screen, alive and kicking, and later dead and maggot-ridden in a wonderful scene that has something of a Swankmeyer quality...'
Dorothy Max Prior - Total Theatre Magazine

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