Having worked with many different types of artists, I have developed a number of workshops to further explore and share what I have learnt. Every workshop can be designed to fit the unique needs of the Client.


Micro Cinema Theatre

Live Camera and Performance

Exploring objects, puppets and the human body to discover a new type of cinema.


Nasty Puppetry

Contemporary Puppetry and Performance

Exploring the darker side by giving the puppet the space and power to dominate the stage.


Acting the Puppet

Simple Puppetry Manipulation Skills

Exploring the ways a puppet can walk, run and fall over, how it can apparently have feelings, reactions and even a sense of humour!


Bespoke Making Sessions

Design and build a head or figure that is expressive, workable and robust. Examples could include clay modelling, plaster casting, puppet jointing and internal structures.

How to book a workshop

Workshops are generally organised by theatres, educational institutions, drama schools or by individuals. These may be as part of a festival, an education program or a private invitation.
Please get in touch if you would like to discuss hosting a workshop.

Recent teaching collaborations

Tarumba Marionettes, Lisbon
La Capra Ballerina, Acquapendente, Italy
MAAF Italy
Segovia, Unima Spain
Junta de Andalusia, Spain
AQM University Montreal, Quebec
London International Mime Festival UK
Manipulate Festival, Edinburgh UK
Norwich Puppet Theatre UK
Curious School of Puppetry, Edinburgh
Casteliers Festival, Montreal, Quebec
Figurenteater Kolleg, Bochum, Germany
Westflügel, Leipzig, Germany
Karlsson Haus Theatre, Saint Petersbourg, Russia
ESNAM Charleville-Mézières, France
Little Angel Theatre, London
The Complex, Dublin
UNIMA Hellas, Greece

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