A Christmas Carol

The National Theatre of Scotland - 2009-2012-2015

Five actors and seventeen puppets performed in this Vaudeville style show to re-envisage this classic tale by Charles Dickens inside a specially constructed accounting office. 

The brief was to create a low tech and intimate ghost story that was both funny and true to the original story. The actor/puppeteers were fully visible in hot woollen period costume and the puppets varied greatly in style from Victorian parlour game prop to Jacob Marley’s rancid persona hanging in the ether. The ghost of Christmas Past descended from the ceiling, Christmas Present buffooned with the audience like a stand up comic while the Cratchet family huddled around their sad little table.
With a capacity of ninety five some of the audience felt a little too close as the puppets seemingly crawled out of the walls but by the end no-one was left unmoved.

The development of the project was spread over 2 or 3 years but the experiment of puppet and actor working alongside each other was a critical success for the National Theatre of Scotland and remains one of their most talked about shows.

The show received two CATS awards for Best Production and Best Ensemble.


Puppet Design and Coaching



"..when Gavin Glover's superlative puppets magically appear through the apparently solid walls of the set, they have such a fearsome, otherworldly demeanour" 


"One of the classiest pieces of theatre to have been staged in Scotland"



Christmas FUTURE issues the final ultimatum 


IGNORANCE taunts the audience


Party guest in the making


Belle and Young Scrooge string puppets


Young Scrooge string puppet

Written by

Charles Dickens

Adapted and directed by

Graham McLaren

Puppet design and coaching

Gavin Glover

Puppet costume

Toztli Godinez de Dios

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