The Abbey Theatre, Dublin 2017-2018

A superb theatrical homage to James Joyce's chronicle of Dublin life.
Drunken dancing, outrageous clowning, foul mouthed puppets and live music all set in a ballroom with the audience sat cabaret style on the stage.

I made a number of puppets for this adaptation of Ulysses, a notoriously difficult novel to adapt and many characters were cut as the script developed. Rudy, the lost son of Bloom, was a mournful full figure puppet who appeared in ghostly visions as does a mask of Stephen Dedalus's mother. The abusive Citizen and the four ventriloquist characters who appear in Barney Kiernan’s pub may not the most beautiful puppets I have made but they certainly suited the bawdy Vaudeville scenes as they lurched drunkenly amongst the audience.

"Gavin Glover made wonderful puppets.."
Dermot Bolger BBC Radio4 Front Row 2018


Design and Coaching



'A production that throws it's arms wide open and bids everyone welcome'



the malevolent presence of the Citizen at over 2 metres high


poor Rudy died at 11 years old


Bob has another Guinness


mask of the dead mother

Written by

James Joyce

Adapted by

Dermot Bolger

Directed and designed by

Graham McLaren

Puppet design and coaching

Gavin Glover

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