Ode to the Moon

Exploration III
micro-cinema - script - foley - 3:30 mins

Faded moonshots, radio static and a slightly overblown soliloquy..
What does it see the moon? 
What does it witness?
Dark secrets to be sure but it stays silent...

This ain’t CGI but it is micro movie time!
Ode to the Moon is my latest exploit in this micro-cinema genre and joins a collection of four other experimental shorts each devised with slightly different constraints in technique, subject or script. 

I was inspired to continue creating these movies after a commission in 2021 from the London International Mime Festival when I made Bleak House in my studio during lockdown. 

“ What starts by being quaintly charming becomes truly disturbing ”
The Telegraph about Bleak House

All these movies can still be seen on my Vimeo and YouTube channels

Headphones recommended

 Micro Cinema

moon float
moon pizza
baby eyes

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