Puppet Design and Animation for

London International Mime Festival 2021

Bleak House

What starts by being quaintly charming becomes truly disturbing.

The Telegragh

Design and video by 
Gavin Glover

Sound design by
David Moré

Produced by
London International Mime Festival 

Remember that place we used to live in when we were really small? I’m sure something happened but I can’t remember what it was.

 a micro movie in a little haunted house..

"His camera, travelling through the rooms and corridors of a miniature derelict house, dislocates spatial scales and unsettles our preconceptions – intriguing, disquieting, and witty"    The Observer

"For something more peculiar, and far darker, head for Gavin Glover’s Bleak House, which snoops inside a very grotty miniaturised house, through which a cot-bed hurtles on a pulley, baby gurgles offset against recriminatory adult voices. A jostling congregation of armchairs round the cot and telling dribble under it provides a sinister evocation of unspeakable abuse. What starts by being quaintly charming becomes truly disturbing."        The Telegraph

commissioned by and screened online in the London International Mime Festival 2021

Vimeo link to Bleak House