NASTY Puppetry - pretending the puppet is real

Developed over the last few of years, this new experimental workshop focuses on the relationship between performer AND puppet. Puppetry experience is absolutely NOT necessary, the workshop is suitable for any performer, those in physical theatre, acting, dance, clown and of course puppeteers.

As a starting point we will work with some fairly traditional puppetry techniques improvising with mid to life sized puppets. Then by twisting these rules we will begin to look at how we can evoke empathy and emotion by the way we treat these puppets. 
Can we feel anything for them? 
Do they have an equal status on stage? 
How do THEY feel when they are squeezed, dropped, ignored or mistreated? 
By exploring different approaches to handling, carrying and separation we will watch what happens when the bond between the puppet and the performer begins to decay and is finally broken.

This laboratory will be a safe and fun space for experimentation to allow the puppet AND performer to really get to know each other, for the puppet to stand up for itself and perhaps even for it to fight back!

Duration: 1 to 5 days
Capacity: maximum 12 people

A special thank you to Anne-Kathrin Klatt for research and development.

Title photo credit: Magnetic North


Max has been kicked, shoved, stripped and dropped... 


Royal Conservatoire Scotland -  dance/movement improvisation


NASTY puppetry workshop - UQàM Montreal 2020 


Bochum figurentheater Germany - dance/movement improvisation

Quotes from previous workshop participants:

"As a complete beginner in 'proper' puppetry, the workshop has been extremely valuable."

"Gavin's experience and insights have been fab and I feel I've come miles in an area that previously felt out of reach.
My confidence has really grown"

"Gavin's teaching style was relaxed and playful but backed up by a wealth of experience"

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