Nasty Puppetry

A new workshop to explore the darker side of puppetry by giving the puppet the space and the power to dominate the stage.

What is NASTY puppetry and why would we want to be so NASTY to a puppet?
Because we can.
Because it’s just a puppet... 

Sure we can play with it and pamper it and be cute but we can also ignore it or mistreat it or even shout at it. 
And because it is just a puppet we can push it further both physically and emotionally until it becomes something else, a metaphor of a person perhaps, or a situation or a feeling. And by treating puppets this NASTY way we can bring up some very surprising and profound moments. So the performer could confront their own guilty conscience or dance with their alta ego or play chess with a long lost relative.

This workshop will be a safe and fun place for experimentation. 

Puppetry experience is absolutely NOT necessary. 
The workshop is suitable for any performer, those in physical theatre, acting, dance, clown etc and of course puppeteers.

Duration: 1 to 5 days
Capacity: maximum 12 people

A special thank you to Anne-Kathrin Klatt for research and development.

Title photo credit: Magnetic North


Poor Max has been kicked and shoved, stripped and thrown but he will always come back for more.


NASTY puppetry workshop Montreal 2020

Quotes from previous workshop participants:

"As a complete beginner in 'proper' puppetery, the workshop has been extremely valuable.
Gavin's experience and insights have been fab and I feel I've come miles in an area that previously felt out of reach.
My confidence has really grown"

"Gavin's teaching style was relaxed and playful but backed up by a wealth of experience"

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