Micro Cinema Theatre

A Cinema of tiny things

If we point little cameras at tiny objects we can discover extraordinary details and hidden movements in the most mundane of spaces. By playing with colour, focus and light, we can find surprising narratives in every action to create a fascinating new type of cinema. Now combine these discoveries and put them onstage with the more traditional forms of performance and we can create a Micro Cinema Theatre.

During this very practical workshop we will explore 2 and 3 dimensional worlds and unlock tiny details that are normally lost in a theatre space.
We will improvise performance around some simple narrative structures and most importantly find ways to integrate our findings with the performance on stage. 
We will play with all sorts of different objects and discover which materials and movements work best for the stories we are trying to tell.

We will try to concentrate on the Art and therefore not use a computer - instead we will use low tech and accessible principles and never allow the technology to dominate the stage. 

This laboratory style workshop will be a safe and fun space for experimentation and to devise some group improvisations. It will be an opportunity to really dive deep into these alternative performance methods. 

I will encourage everyone to discuss what we have discovered and to consider how cameras and projections could be integrated into any style of theatre production. Participants can then go on to develop these ideas in their own work using their own technology for all types of visual and text based theatre, puppetry, dance, graphic design, art installations, animation and filmmaking etc, etc

Suitable for all creative Theatre and Arts practitioners:

actors, puppeteers, choreographers, writers, directors, scenographers, graphic designers, animators and film makers.

Participants may be asked to bring a number of objects to be used during the workshop.

Duration: 3 to 5 days (18 to 35 hours) 
Capacity: maximum 12 people

Title photo credit: Christophe Loiseau


tiny stages


incorporating text 

MCT bread

simple technology


physical theatre and performance


black and white


textures and colour

Workshops at FIMFA, Lisbon and Klagenfurt 2023


3 full days exploring Micro Cinema Theatre hosted at the wonderful Atelier-Libusin approximately 40km north-west of Prague, CZ. 

Friday 24th to Sunday 26th May 2024 
FEE: 150.00€

Accomodation Available onsite: 10.00€ per night
Please apply here

Quotes from previous workshop participants:

“This was a very valuable, well lead and resourced workshop. The techniques shared and the context in which we were invited to explore them collaboratively, was very well thought out and inspiring.”

“After a brief introduction we began playing, making and experimenting pretty much straight away, and the possibilities inherent in the technology became immediately apparent. The focus on theatre-making meant the learning had immediate application for my practice.”

“I believe the techniques taught in the workshop would greatly benefit all practitioners in the fields of Theatre, Design and Live music performances.”

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