Acting the Puppet

By exploring the ways a puppet can walk, run, stumble and fall, we can discover its reactions, feelings and even its sense of humour.
And by rekindling our own sense of play, we can create stories and happenings with them suitable for any audience.

We will improvise and play theatre games to examine the extent to which a puppet can perform theatrically without text and we will discover whether the puppet can be as expressive as any actor. Depending on the length of time we will explore various forms of contemporary puppetry so that we have a more complete understanding of how a puppet can be used in contemprary performance today.

Working individually and in pairs, this fun and hands-on workshop will be a creative and safe space to experiment with some essential puppetry techniques and concepts.
Participants can then go on to apply these ideas in their own professional practice and feel more confident when next auditioning for a role that requires some puppetry experience.

Suitable for all theatre creatives, performers, clowns, dancers and of course puppeteers. Puppetry experience is NOT necessary.

Duration: 3 hours to 3 days
Capacity: maximum 14 people


Facultad de Bellas Artes de la Universidad de Granada, Spain


Moving Parts Puppet Festival. photo: Janina Sabaliauskaite


Latex heads

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